Repairs & Services

led screen Vostro lid Laptop Battery
Laptop LED Screen: 14.0 / 15.6 / 11.1 / 13.3
Rs. 12,500 and above 6 months warranty
Laptop plastics: LID/Bottom
base/ bazel / palm rest
Based on the model
Laptop batteries: Any model genuine/replacement
Prices from Rs 7,000 upwards
DVD re-writer Laptop keyboard Laptop internal cooling fan
Laptop DVD Writer: SATA or IDE
Rs 3,500 upwards
Laptop Keyboard: Any model
Rs 5,000 upwards
Laptop internal cooling fan: Any model
Rs 4,500 upwards
 Laptop Memory  Laptop Power Adopter  Laptop Motherboard
Laptop Memory: DDR/DDR2 1GB 2GB / DDR3 2GB 4GB
Rs 1,250 upwards

Laptop power adopters: Genuine and replacement
Rs 3,000 upwards

Laptop Motherboard: Any model
Rs 12,500 upwards